Anna Sablan is my love and musical partner. She lives life as an artist and musician, and music flows through her. She sings and also plays a wide variety of instruments including bass, guitar, flute and ukulele! - Anthony

***Anna was so totally here, 9/18/2018 - I also want to add, I participated in the following musical activities throughout my middle school, high school, and ongoing college career: (2009-2012) Saipan SSHS Manta Ray Concert Band: percussion, flute; (2010-2012) Saipan Pacific Winds Concert Band: percussion; (2011) Saipan SSHS Free Speakers Club: singing, ukulele, guitar; (2008-2010) Saipan MHS/FOTA Theatre Musicals: 'The Secret Garden', 'Zombie Prom', 'Lend Me A Tenor', 'Scrooge: A Christmas Carol'

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